10 Interior Design Resolutions for the New Year

'New Year's Resolution' and 'fun' don't usually go together. But why not have a good time while you're improving yourself and your surroundings? You see your furniture every single day, and whether you realize it or not, that can influence how you feel. Put a little spring into your winter by trying out any - or all - of NC Furniture Advisor's decorating resolutions!

Add something that makes you smile.

Whether it's a framed crayon drawing by your child or a beautiful vase stocked with fresh flowers, add something to your home that makes you smile whenever you see it. It may not fit your decor to a tee, but life is too short to surround yourself with anything less than what makes you happy.

Throw (or give) something away.

That old couch the cat scratched up. The bunk beds you've still got in the spare bedroom even though your kids are in their twenties. That coffee table you bought because it was inexpensive, even though you kind of hate it. Everyone has at least one item of furniture that they either don't use or don't like. Get rid of it! New year, new you!

It might be time to let this couch go.

It might be time to let this couch go.

DIY something.

With the advent of Pinterest, there's no shortage of ideas for decorations you make yourself. This project can be as complicated or as easy as you want. Turn an old pallet into an herb garden! Make an old sweater into a pet bed! Showcase a favorite quote or saying on reclaimed wood! The possibilities are endless.


Change your home's exterior

Add a little pop to the outside of your home. My favorite way to do this is with new house numbers. Forget those traditional old fonts; try something funky, or stack your numbers vertically. You can even turn your shrubs into numbers. If you don't want to change your house numbers, try painting your door. You'll be amazed at what a drastic change a simple coat of paint makes. 

Paint a wall.

...or paint all four walls! I know, I know - you can't spell painting without 'pain,' but a splash of something new will rejuvenate you whenever you see it. You may not be quite ready to go for a bold accent wall, but even a slightly different shade of cream or beige could turn your room from ho-hum into oh wow!

Rearrange your furniture.

This is an easy resolution - it might only take you an hour! You may love your home's layout, but switching things up will keep your from getting into a rut and allow you to experience your home from a new angle. Does your living room chair have a dent in it because it's the only one you sit in? Switch the sofa and loveseat and see how you like it! After all, you can always just move it back.

Declutter a closet.

Is there one closet in your house that you dread opening? We all have at least one disorganized space in our homes, whether it's the guest bedroom closet or the garage. This year, vow to declutter that scary space and turn it into a functional place for storing things. You might be surprised at the weird things you find in there!

This peace lily is pretty  and  helps purify the air in your home!

This peace lily is pretty and helps purify the air in your home!

Go green.

No, I'm not talking about energy-efficient appliances (although that's always a good idea). Spruce up your house by adding a little greenery! If you don't want the responsibility of taking care of a live plant, there are plenty of gorgeous faux trees, shrubs, and flower arrangements that will brighten up your home and help bring the outside in.

Get some new pillows.

Who doesn't love pillows? They aren't just cozy (and great when you want a quick catnap); they're also a good way to bring in an accent color. If you're unsure about a color combination, try adding a pillow and see what you think. Even if it doesn't inspire you to redo your color scheme, you can (almost) never have too many pillows!

Go shopping - or at least, go window shopping!

While it's tempting to just browse the Internet for inspiration, you can't tell how comfortable a chair is from a picture. Get out there and do a little browsing! When you want to check out furniture, head to High Point, North Carolina. Better yet, call me, Carole, at NC Furniture Advisor. I'll show you the best deals, the most reputable companies, and the furniture that fits your style. And it's all at no cost to you. Call (336) 404-1040 to plan your High Point, NC shopping experience!