5 Pieces of Furniture to Save On

Your dreams are big, but your budget isn’t quite as large. It takes a lot of time and money to completely furnish your home - it’s not just the big things, like tables, couches, and chairs. There are all those little accessories and flourishes that put your personal touch on your home. NC Furniture Advisor has already covered the furniture you may want to budget a little extra for, but where can you get that money? By saving on these items!


The mattress is essential, and you should spend extra to get a comfortable one that suits your sleeping needs. But the headboard? Not so much. A headboard doesn’t actually serve any functional or structural purpose. It’s unnecessary, although it can be a nice finishing touch. But you don’t have to spend a week’s salary to get this effect. In fact, you can make one yourself for free. I love this ‘headboard,’ which is simply painted on the wall in a contrasting color. You can also use other materials - mirrors, mantels, doors – to create a headboard that packs a punch.


You absolutely must ensure that your crib is safe (no drop rails!) but this isn’t an item of furniture that needs to last a lifetime. Your child will only be sleeping in a crib for a few short years, and even if you reuse it for multiple children, you’re not looking at something that’s going to be utilized for more than ten years or so. All new cribs should conform to government safety standards, so the main difference between a $150 crib and a $5,000 crib is the design. Your child won’t even remember his or her crib, so save that money for a dresser or other item that will grow with your child.

Throw Pillows

Textured pillows! Patterned pillows! Monogrammed pillows! Outdoor pillows! There’s no end to the kind of pillows that can adorn your beds, couches, sofas, and chairs. Many people love the idea of pillows, but in practice, where are you putting all those extra pillows when someone wants to sit down on the couch? Too many pillows can take your furniture from comfy to cluttered. And although you can spend tons of money on expensive pillows, there are lots of beautiful and inexpensive options out there. Save your money for something you’ll use more frequently!


It’s pretty rare to find a lamp that’s so attractive you want to make it the focal point of your room. Most lamps are purely functional. I can’t remember the last time I walked into a room and noticed the lamps right off the bat. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your lamps, particularly since you’re going to need so many of them. It’s easy to find lamps that will look good and complement your décor without putting a major dent in your budget. Save money here, and splurge on more important pieces.

Holiday Decorations

When October, November, and December roll around, it’s tempting to spend lots of money bedecking your house in holiday spirit. It’s easy to spend a pretty penny on items that – let’s face it – are in storage for 11 months of the year. You can create that holiday mood without racking up debt for twinkly lights and fog machines. Instead of going all-out Christmas, pick a color theme and buy a few tasteful decorations that you set out during the holidays. Maybe you substitute your regular placemats for silver and gold, and replace your centerpiece with a bowl of ornaments. And when it comes to Halloween, you can make a lot of your own decorations, or buy some to use next year when they go on sale in November. Those trick-or-treaters would rather have king-size candy bars than a spooky looking house, anyway!

At NC Furniture Advisor, I work with people who have all different kinds of budgets, both large and small. Whether you’re looking for one special item or you want to decorate and furnish an entire house, my eye for style is unmatched. Together, we’ll find the items you want at a price you can’t beat.