5 Pieces of Furniture Worth The Splurge

When you’re furnishing your house, you’ve got a lot to think about: chairs, tables, nightstands, beds, paintings, mirrors, accessories…If you’re not careful, you can spend a lot more than you’ve budgeted. NC Furniture Advisor is here to help. Here are five items of furniture where you shouldn’t scrimp and save.

The Mattress

On average, you’ll spend about 32% of your life sleeping. That doesn’t take into account the other activities you might be doing in bed (like reading a book!). You’ll spend more time on your mattress than you will enjoying any other item of furniture in your house. Plus, sleep loss has severe negative health effects, and even just one bad night of sleep can lead to major memory issues. Before you buy a mattress, lay on it for ten minutes on your back, ten minutes on your side, and ten minutes on your front. Yes, this means it takes a half hour to test just one mattress. But when you’re spending almost a third of your life there, it’s worth the extra time and money to get the mattress that works best for you.


The Office Chair

Most people spend one-third of their day sleeping. Another third is spent working. Whether you work from home or you go to an office, you’ll be sitting in that chair for a long time. Unfortunately, many companies don’t splurge on office furniture, so if you work out of the home, you should bring your own chair. The way you sit at work affects your standing posture, and bad posture can cause all kinds of issues, including long-term damage. Look for a chair that’s wide enough and deep enough to comfortably hold you, with padded seating material and appropriate lumbar support. It may cost you extra in the short term, but it will be worth it in the long run. You may not love your job, but you should love your chair!

office chair.jpg

The Art

This one might surprise you. Unlike the office chair and the mattress, wall art doesn’t have as much of a practical purpose. But there’s two big reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little extra on artwork that you love. First, the price of artwork usually corresponds to size. A large painting costs more than a smaller painting. When people try to save money on artwork, they often choose the print they love in a smaller size. This is a terrible idea for decorating. If you hang a postage stamp-sized photo on the large wall above your couch, it will look ridiculous. Larger walls call for larger decorative pieces, regardless of the type of artwork. The second reason you shouldn’t skimp on artwork is purely aesthetic. You may think, “Well, I can live with the picture of that fat chef in my kitchen. It’s so cheap, and it’s better than nothing.” But when you’ve seen that fat chef every day of your life, you’ll realize that it’s worth it to buy a painting that makes you smile whenever you see it, rather than one that makes you cringe. 

fat chefs


The Kitchen Chairs

Where do people mix, mingle, eat, and chat? The kitchen, of course! Regardless of your decorating style, the kitchen should be homey and inviting. If the seats are uncomfortable or – even worse – there aren’t any seats, guests will be reluctant to gather here and you’ll miss out on all the fun conversation you can have while cooking. Who wants to slave over a hot stove while everyone else is hanging out in the living room? And it’s not just about social events, either. The kitchen table is a place for arts and crafts, for reading the paper and drinking your coffee, for your kids to do their homework. When you’re shopping for kitchen chairs, look for more than comfort. You also want something that’s easy to clean. Wooden chairs with fabric seat cushions and backs; leather; and dark, tightly woven fabrics are better than, say, white suede or linen. 

family dinner

The Coffee Table

The coffee table often sits in the very center of your living room, and is one of the first items of furniture you’ll see. A good coffee table is versatile – it has storage, you can set your drinks (and maybe even prop your feet) on it, and it goes well with your décor. A bad coffee table sits in the center of your room like an ugly, squatting elephant, and distracts and detracts from the rest of your carefully curated furniture. You can find a stylish and functional furniture without spending a lot of money…but if you find something perfect and it costs a bit more than you were planning to spend, you may want to spring for it. 

It might not be right for you, but someone loves this coffee table!

It might not be right for you, but someone loves this coffee table!

While these five items are worth extra, when you shop with NC Furniture Advisor, you’ll find all kinds of deals and steals (as well as great advice) at no cost to you!  And it’s not all about spending; stay tuned for next month’s blog, where I’ll reveal the five items that aren’t worth the extra money.