Client Profile: Peter and Debbie's Coastal Renovation

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy roared into the quaint bedroom community of Long Beach, New York, causing over $250 million in damage to vehicles and properties. One of the houses that was hit: The Bay House, a 4,000 square foot home in a prime location right on the bay. It was badly damaged and the owner didn't want to deal with cleanup. When Peter and Debbie saw The Bay House, they knew that with a lot of elbow grease, it could be a dream home.

After plenty of work on the structure, they were ready to tackle the fun stuff: decorating! They furniture they currently owned worked for a small apartment, but they needed much more to fill all that square footage. Debbie had heard that High Point, North Carolina was the furniture capital of the country, but when she did a bit of research, the number of furniture stores was overwhelming! There's no question that High Point is huge (Furnitureland South is over a million square feet!). She turned to Carole for help.

Debbie says, "We couldn't have done it in one weekend without Carole. She knew all about the best brands and could guide us straight to items that were our style and in our price range. Plus, she kept us on the move! If it was just my husband and me, we would have spent ten minutes in each couch debating the merits. She told us that if we didn't love it, we should move on."

Carole was so helpful. She understood our vision for the house and worked with us to make it happen. She knew all of the best places to go in High Point, and could steer us toward the items that would work well in each space according to our floor plan. We couldn’t have done it without her!
— Debbie

Peter adds that he appreciated Carole's ability to balance his sense of style with his wife's idea of decorating. "We both had a picture in our minds of what we wanted the house to look like. Unfortunately, our pictures weren't always the same. Carole was able to zero in on the qualities that were important to each of us and find pieces that appealed to us both."

Peter and Debbie are thrilled with their furniture, which was delivered a few weeks after their whirlwind shopping experience. "We couldn't be happier with our purchases," Debbie raves. "Our new house is the perfect place to relax - and hopefully retire!"

Want to check out The Bay House? You can rent it!