Comparison Shopping: Marge Carson vs. Orleans International

Let me preface this shopping comparison by saying that I love Marge Carson. This furniture company creates elegant, classy designs that will never go out of style. They have incredible attention to detail, with trims, embellishments, and hardware that could almost stand as artwork on its own! 

But that delicate artistry and intricacy comes with a price, which is why I also love Orleans International. If you adore the look of Marge Carson but can't stomach the price tag, check out these lookalike pieces from Orleans. Both companies offer a wide variety of finishes and fabric selections, and furniture from either is sure to create a lasting impression on your house guests! Here are a few items that will give you the Marge Carson look at Orleans prices! (Note: All prices given are discounted High Point prices.)

End Tables

Both end tables have glass tops and feature gold accents, although the Orleans International Dijon End Table is more subtle. The Dijon table is also significantly larger: 31.5" in diameter compared to the Avignon's 21". The table that works best for you may depend on the size of your space, but if you have enough room, you could purchase two Dijon End Tables for the price of one from Marge Carson!

These grand beds come as either high or low posters, but I've chosen the low poster beds for my comparison. The exquisite workmanship of the finials and the decorative woodwork on the footboards lend an aristocratic European air to these beds. The Orleans International Monaco bed has a more modern take on the headboard than the Marge Carson Seville bed, replacing beautiful but conventional wood with black leather panels. 


These mirrors look like they were taken straight from a medieval castle - but Marge Carson's Vienna Mirror will set you back over $3,000, while the Orleans International Santiago Mirror comes in under a grand. Why the price difference? The Santiago is close to the Vienna in width, but at 60", the Vienna Mirror is 7" taller than the Orleans International version. Either would make a stunning addition to a living room or hallway!

Both companies make incredibly beautiful furniture in classic styles, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Whether you prefer Marge Carson or Orleans International, you can't go wrong with these timeless, well-made pieces of furniture.