Furniture Financials 101

As goes furniture, so goes the economy. With over 15 years in the retail furniture business, I can almost predict what’s happening in the economy before it ever reaches the news. Even before the recession started in December 2007 -- the date officially marked as the start of this most recession according to the National Bureau of Economic Research -- I had noticed furniture sales started slowing. The same thing happened before the tech recession in 2001. Both times, furniture sales dropped long before the media took notice.

These days, and more recently at the Fall 2010 High Point Furniture Market, I’m seeing signs indicating otherwise. Last year I received maybe one or two calls a month from clients. Now I’m getting about four phone calls a week.

Some people have a knack for knowing whether or not it’s going to rain. Now, I may get caught in the rain a time or two, but I know people and their relationship to furniture. And I’m seeing clearer days ahead.