Neutrals are Nice, but Colors Make a Statement

Neutrals provide stability to a room, but a bright punch of color makes a statement. We tend to see rooms as a combination of three different color components: 60% walls, 30% upholstery, and 10% accessories. Use bright, powerful colors in your pillows and ceramics to make a splash. A unique carpet or rug color brings a light,  positive feel to your space.

Photo from HGTV

Interior Design ColorsChoosing your accent color can be challenging. Use a color wheel to narrow your focus. Complementary colors provide pop. These shades lay across each other on the color wheel:  red and green, blue and yellow, purple and orange.

More importantly, think about color and the mood or feel of a room. Let your locale and season inspire you. Choose colors that match emotions with the setting. A spring color in North Carolina provides an uplifting aesthetic that will freshen up a room and raise the spirit.