Phillips Collection: Every Piece a Conversation

The Phillips Collection is truly a family affair. The founders were avid world travelers and purveyors of antique Asian art, and their son and daughter-in-law (an architect) soon took interest. They created a company that’s all about uniqueness, culture, and appreciation for design.

Today, the whole family works together to seek out, design, and create furniture that’s influenced by art through the ages, but looks modern and contemporary in today’s home. The company’s style has evolved over the years, particularly after son Jason (an award-winning industrial designer) joined the company.

The Origins Collection is one of their most successful lines. The company founder searches the jungles of Thailand for ancient, giant tree stumps. The roots are unearthed and local artisans carve the roots into stunning sculptures, coffee tables, consoles, and more.

The Phillips Collection is so fresh and creative. I especially love their wood tables, as well as their occasional tables. This company combines elements in unusual and striking ways, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and making something functional into a work of art.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Phillips Collection:

Chamcha Wood

This wooden dining table will seat your whole family and then some! At 167 inches long, there’s plenty of room for guests. It’s made from a felled chamcha tree in Thailand – you may be familiar with one of this tree’s many nicknames, including rain tree, monkey pod, and French tamarind. 

Faux Bois Bench

This faux bois bench is actually made from durable resin, but the gold leaf finish adds a touch of glitz and glamour. I can see this at the end of a bed in a guest room – it’s much more stylish than a luggage rack!

Kalimantan Egg

In an interview for Design Wire Daily, Jason Phillips tells the story of how he visited the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia. The people of this tiny remote island had a legend that certain stones would bring luck. They carved the stones into egg shapes and inscribed their perpetual calendar on the eggs. Phillips then worked with the local artisans to recreate this design in ceramics.

Bubble lamp

Isn’t this table lamp divine? It reminds me of champagne bubbles and New Year’s Eve parties where the rich and well-dressed mingle with young tech billionaires. It’s perfect for a small or darker room, since the light from the lamp is immediately reflected off the stainless steel ornaments. 

Framed wood

Modern? Rustic? These framed wall tiles marry the two styles in a funky, conversation-starting work of art. This isn’t just a picture – it’s actually gorgeous, artfully-framed wooden slabs. The wood and white accent any color scheme, so it works with practically any design style. It’s sure to be one of your favorite wall decorations.

Want to learn more about the Phillips Collection? If you’re coming to High Point, you can’t miss the Phillips Collection Showroom. It’s by appointment only, so call me at (336) 404-1040 to check it out!