Style and Class - Caracole Furniture

Caracole is an equestrian term in which a horse and rider execute a half turn; in the abstract, it indicates a change in orientation or direction. There could be no more appropriate name for the furniture company Caracole, as they have transformed their style from "more is more" to an exquisite, classier look of luxury.

Schnadig International Corporation, founded by American Furniture Hall of Famer Lawrence K. Schnadig, introduced the Caracole line of products in 2009. Its 2010 catalog describes the furniture as "...eclectic - some might even say eccentric - without being intimidating." In the furniture industry, however, "eclectic" is often a euphemism for the strange or odd pieces of furniture that don't really seem to match the rest of the house.

From these inauspicious beginnings, though, Caracole has proven itself to be an agile company, quickly updating its style from flashy to understated luxury. While there are several pieces that can provide that "wow" factor many consumers are looking for, the current catalog is also filled with fashionable new twists on classic favorites. 

I have a certain connection with ancient architecture and reinventing it with modern detail.
— Designer Christopher Sandomenico

This old meets new aesthetic can clearly be seen in the unique (and gorgeous) Lattice Entertain You sofa. The latticework is carved in a quatrefoil pattern reminiscent of those found on Gothic and Renaissance churches. The quatrefoil has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently, and for good reason; it's truly a timeless pattern.

The Lattice Entertain You sofa features a quatrefoil pattern on the arms

The Lattice Entertain You sofa features a quatrefoil pattern on the arms

The metallic elements bring a bit of glamour to customers who want to incorporate subtle touches of modern design without committing to an entirely gold, silver, or mirrored piece. It also works well with almost any kind of decor, and could be perfect if you're looking to replace a couch or chair without buying an entire living room set. The various materials coordinate with many styles of coffee and side tables, and the latticework adds panache to a room that might otherwise be lackluster.

Stop by Caracole's website and browse their furniture gallery for inspiration. It can be hard to envision how one or two pieces will work with your existing furniture, particularly if some of the other items featured in the magazine aren't to your taste. When you work with NC Furniture Advisor, I'll help you determine if a certain piece fits in with your decorating style. Contact me today at for more information!