Summer Color Trends for 2012

As the weather warms, and seasons change, a sense of renewal and new life awakens within us. Yard work begins, gardens are started, and home improvements are planned.  House facelifts are often tasks that involve extensive labor and costs.  Incorporating a new color scheme into your house and furniture is a simple and less costly way to revive the feel of your home.

Each season, color trends are forecasted and published for the fashion and home furnishings industries.  Pantone leads the way, putting out their color reports months in advance, giving designers, and home-makers alike, ample opportunity to plan and execute new ideas and colors into their spaces. For this upcoming summer, here are a few practical applications to incorporate the color trends of 2012 into your home and breathe new life into your spaces.


Photo courtesy of Rue Magazine

Layered Neutrals

Influenced by raw materials, neutral color schemes are a simple way of incorporating nature into your space.  By layering a mix of neutral colors with texture and pattern, a space becomes dimensional and inviting.  Combining wood tones, fabrics such as linen or straw mats, with simple furnishings, the space pops but is not overwhelming.  Remember that metallics are neutrals, and a properly placed gold light fixture or subtle silver lining can add an extra layer of sophistication to your space.

Living Room

Photo courtesy of decorpad


Pastels may be the most sought after trend this season.  These colors can be found not only in home interiors, but in clothing, vehicles (take the Fiat as an example), jewelry, and shoes, just to name a few.  Violets, mints, turquoise and blues are especially popular this season.  When incorporating pastels into a room, there are many different ways to use the colors.  Monochromatic rooms can often be soft and comforting, but make sure a variety of tones are used and that the color is not overdone.  Combining a pastel with a complimentary color, mint with coral for example, is a way to give a space a more updated look.


Photo courtesy of Real Simple Magazine

Pops of Color

Creating pops of color in a space is a simple and cost effective way to update a room.  Particular color trends this season are tangerine and shades of blue.  Throw pillows, lampshades, vases, and other small objects are easy items that require a low level of investment but bring life and dimension into a space.  An important key to adding pops of vibrant colors to a room is to always remember tones as well as textures.

Don't be left out in the cold this summer.  Think about using these warm color ideas!