The Fashion Week of Furniture begins Oct. 16

Resize for blog post Twice a year over 80,000 people from around the world visit High Point, North Carolina for the International Home Furnishings Market. The city's downtown showrooms are filled with design celebrities, manufacturers, and boutique owners who cover over 1 million square feet of showroom space in just 6 days.

So what does the furniture market mean to you?

High Point Furniture Market Oct. 16 to 21

What it is

  • The Fashion Week of Furniture. Every style you can imagine, from the new to the everlasting, is on display at the world's largest gathering of furniture manufacturers.
  • Packed. Estimated 80,000 people and over 1 million square feet of showroom space is filled with new and established furniture makers showing new furniture samples.
  • Inspiring. Designers come to see new styles. Trend experts and magazine writers analyze new trends. Celebrities announce and launch new furniture lines.
  • Entertaining. The city of High Point comes alive with live music performances downtown and in showroom spaces to entertain guests.

What it isn't

  • Open to the public. Only registered guests are allowed to visit showroom spaces and you need an EIN number to be approved for registration.
  • A good time to visit. Local hotels and restaurants are filled to capacity. Unfortunately, prices are higher everywhere: at local hotels, restaurants, and the airport.

However ...

As the week-long market winds down, some showroom spaces are open to a few select guests. And as Market vendors pack up furniture samples to send home, you can find some great deals on the pieces they don't want to pay to ship.

It can be hit or miss. But I'll be walking around all market-long and if you're interested in seeing a few of the pieces that might be for sale .... be the first-time caller and I'll help you arrange a trip for a sample sale.

Advisor tip:

Call me and let's arrange a trip! I'll take the first caller on a post-market sample sale. Contact me at (336) 404-1040, or email