Shopping with a spouse? Pull up a loveseat.

Lillian August Loveseat I’ve seen this scenario many times: Lovely, smiling, happy couples walking arm in arm through the furniture showroom doors. Hours later that same couple is cross-armed, fighting over an end table.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Do a little extra prep before you leave the house and this can be the furniture shopping trip of your dreams. Here's how.

Give a little more elbow room. Know when to let your partner move forward in one direction, so you can move forward in another.

What are you fighting for? Some couples fight over the furniture when the disagreement is really about last night’s tiff. Leave it all at the furniture showroom door and make a commitment to help each other to stay focused.

Dream a little dream. Try not to get lost in the details and remember why you’re doing this furniture project together. Remind yourself of the “big picture,” such as seeing your family and friends together around the dining room table over the holidays.

Make the easy decisions in advance. Measure the rooms you’re shopping for and know how many chairs, sofas, or end tables you’ll need. Sketch out the room’s lay out and how you want the furniture to fit the room. With that information in hand, you can eliminate the argument about the size of the room and focus on the furniture.

ADVISOR TIP: The Icovia Room Planner can help you create a floor plan. Many furniture companies partner with the Icovia site to assist clients.

I found the room planner on the Ashley Furniture site easy to use.

If you’re web savvy and feel comfortable starting your own account, feel free to peruse all the of the options on the Icovia Room Planner Web site.

We’ll see you in High Point!

Furniture shopping? Take your home with you.

One of the toughest parts of furniture shopping is that you can't bring the one thing you're shopping for: your house. So if you're coming to High Point, toss a few of the following things into your purse or car to help you find your perfect furniture fit. You'll be glad you did!


Floor plan. Your floor plan includes wall length and the distance from doors to windows. These measurements allow you to decide if something lovable in the showroom is actually a livable piece of furniture in your home. Showrooms are big. Furniture looks smaller than it actually is.

Fabric swatches and paint chips. Bring samples of your drapery prints, furniture patterns, paint colors, and carpet colors. Most furniture stores have a no-return policy.

Digital camera. If you come to High Point, NC our customized shopping itinerary might take you through a variety of places. We can choose from private appointments in furniture showrooms, to discount stores with quality pieces. Take pictures of the pieces you like so you can review them at the end of the day.

Picture pages. Flip through magazines and tear out photos of styles and designs that you like. If you’re having a hard time explaining your style, your pictures can do the talking.

Make a drapery workroom appointment. If you’re working with a patterned print for the windows, we’ll help you make an appointment with a workroom to ensure that you’re ordering enough material for the drapes. When ordering material for drapes, a workroom will help you order extra lengths for hems and tops, as well as the “repeat.” A “repeat” is the entire length of a pattern on the drape material. You’ll want to make sure you have enough “repeats” so you can seamlessly match patterns on your drapes.